Beginner Crochet Series: Double Crochet

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Welcome to LESSON THREE in this Beginner Crochet Series.

(Lesson One and Lesson Two)


NOTE:  The terminology used here is the US term:  Double Crochet.  This same stitch is called Treble Crochet in the UK.



To work the Double Crochet, begin by chaining 15 (ch 15).  If you're not familiar with this, refer to Lesson One.)


Double crochet - making the foundation chain


The double crochet is very similar to the single crochet.  If you're comfortable with the single crochet stitch, you'll learn double crochet just fine.



First, we work on the foundation chain, creating our first row of double crochet.  My preferred method of working into the foundation chain is to use the stitch on the back of the chain.

If you turn your chain over and look at the back side of it, you'll see a single bump of yarn for each stitch.  Working into this part of the chain - the bumps - makes a nice, neat foundation row, in my opinion.  So let's use those.

1. Before we put the hook into the stitch, we yarn over (YO) first.  So, Yarn Over (SO), pull up a loop and you'll have 3 loops on your hook.

2. Next, YO and pull through 2 loops on your hook.  Now you have 2 loops left on your hook.

3. Finally, YO again and pull through these last 2 loops on your hook.


Double crochet - where to put your hook when working into the foundation chain


Double crochet - step 1 - yarn over
Double crochet - step 2 - insert hook into stitch
Yarn over first ... insert hook into the first bump


Double crochet - step 3 - yarn over and pull up a loop
Double crochet - 3 loops on hook
Hook the yarn and pull up a loop ... 3 loops on your hook


Double crochet - step 4 - yarn over & pull through 2 loops on hook
Double crochet - step 5 - yarn over and pull through last 2 loops on hook
Yarn over & pull through 2 loops on your hook ...Yarn over & pull through the last 2 loops on your hook



 And that's it - that's the double crochet. You'll notice that it's taller than the single crochet.  Roughly twice as tall, which means you won't need as many rows of double crochet to make a project.  Fewer rows mean you can create a larger piece in less time.

Rows of single crochet vs double crochet
Rows of double crochet vs single crochet
2 rows of single crochet ...2 rows of double crochet


Something else to consider: a piece made of single crochet will be denser and less drapey than a piece made with double crochet.  So, depending on your needs, one stitch may be the better choice for your project than the other.

For instance, single crochet would make a more rigid coaster, while double crochet might be the better choice for a light-to-medium-weight blanket.  The type of yarn you use will also contribute to the characteristics of your project.



When you're at the end of the first row, make sure you've got 14 double crochets.  Now you're done with the foundation chain and the rest is a breeze.

At the end of this row and each row hereafter, chain 2 (ch 2) and turn your work.


Double crochet end of row chain 2
Double crochet end of row turn your work
Chain 2 (Ch 2) ... turn your work




Before starting the second row, look at the top of the row of stitches and notice that they look like a chain or a row of "V"'s.  Our hook goes under each chain - or V.

Double crochet where to put your hook in the next rows


Double crochet starting next row - yarn over first
Double crochet starting next row - insert hook under front and back loops of of the stitch
Yarn over first
... insert hook under the "V"


Remember to Yarn Over (YO) first, then insert your hook in that first stitch and pull up a loop.  You remember the rest, right?  YO, pull through 2; YO, pull through 2.

On to the next stitch. And the next. And the next.  

When you've reached the end of the row, make sure you've got 14 double crochets.  Chain 2 (ch 2) and turn your work.

Relax. Relax your hands. Relax your yarn and practice, practice, practice.  

You'll be making so many beautiful things in no time.

The more rows you make, the bigger your piece will get, of course.  If you want it to be both wider and longer, start with a longer chain.  

2 rows of double crochet complete




 If you've made it this far, you're well-equipped to make anything square or rectangular: How about a small rug, a table runner, a scarf, or a blanket?

From here, the sky's the limit.  There are so many beautiful stitches to learn and, I promise, you'll never run out of things to make.  

 Now, go make something beautiful!


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