Have You Seen The Y-Stitch?

I've been making washcloths with the Y-Stitch for gifts this year. It's just a nice little project for this stitch. I'm using Lily Sugar N' Cream 100% cotton yarn here, but you can use any yarn and create a different effect.

This is a great stitch if you like to do mesh, but need a little bit more stability. So instead of the traditional mesh, which is a double crochet, chain 1, skip 1... double-crochet, chain 1, skip 1... This replaces the chain 1 with a front post double crochet to add a little bit of stability. I think it looks really pretty to work the Y-stitch.



Start with an even number of stitches as your base row. So for this washcloth example, I've got 38 single crochets that I've been using as my base on this project. And when you get ready to start, you're just going to chain 1 and turn your work. And then, I like to start with a double crochet as my very first stitch to add stability to the beginning of my rows.


Materials: Lily Sugar Nā€™ Cream 100% cotton yarn. US 11 (8 mm) hook.


Note: FPdc = front post double crochet


Foundation Row:
Ch 39
Sc in 2nd ch and in ea ch across (total: 38 sts),
1 ch, turn.

Row 1:
Dc in same st,
*1 dc in next st, 1 FPdc around the post of the dc you just made, sk next st *, across,
1 dc in last st,
1 ch, turn.

Repeat until your washcloth is square

ā€”ā€”- šŸ§¶šŸ§¶šŸ§¶šŸ§¶šŸ§¶ā€”ā€”-

Happy crocheting!

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